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Macaw parrot for sale

If you are looking to get macaw parrot for sale, then look no further as we are number one in supplying macaw parrots across the world and we do ship. Unlike other breeders we do ship and delivery is to your doorstep. We ship every in the world and our delivery takes 3 to 5 days depending on where you are located.

About Macaw parrot for sale

Despite their large size and vibrant colors, macaws are hard to miss. These social birds can create a racket when they feel so inclined, and their clownish ways are sure to draw attention to them. Although their large beaks can be intimidating, well-socialized macaws can be affectionate and friendly companions. Get macaw parrot for sale from us today and get the best looking and healthy macaw parrot.

More about this parrot

With a head to tail length of nearly 40 inches, the hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot in the world. When you get macaw parrot for sale from us you get long tail feathers and big beaks. Macaws have large, curved, powerful beaks for cracking open nuts and seeds. As well as having long, streamlined physiques, these parrots feature colorful feathering, ranging from the hyacinth macaw’s hyacinth blue to the scarlet macaw’s scarlet red color. Macaws have bare facial patches in some species.

Habitat and Native region

North America (Mexico) and Central America (Central America) are home to macaws. There were native macaws in the Caribbean, the Cuban macaw and the Saint Croix macaw which are now extinct. Their habitats include rainforests, grasslands, and grassy woodlands. Clay licks (clay at exposed riverbanks) have been observed by researchers to be used by macaws, and other parrot species, to neutralize toxins from foods they consume in the wild.

Endangered Macaw species

The IUCN Red List lists nine species of macaws as endangered or at risk of extinction. Three macaws are critically endangered: the glaucous macaw (Anodorhynchus glaucus), the blue-throated macaw (Ara glaucogularis), and the Spix’s macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii). In addition to Lear’s macaw (Anodorhynchus leari), the great green macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the red-fronted macaw (Ara rubrogenys) are endangered. There are three macaw species that are at risk: the hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), the military macaw (Ara militaris), and the blue-headed macaw (Primolius couloni).

Care and Feeding

In order for a macaw’s tail feathers to not bend or break, it needs a cage tall enough. Macaws require a much larger cage and play stand than other parrot species, so potential owners should consider space requirements.

Besides native seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves, palm nuts, figs, nectar, and clay from exposed riverbanks, macaws also eat native seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves, and nectar in their natural habitat. Because macaws require more fat than other parrots, their dietary needs differ. During the day, wild macaws fly through the rainforest looking for food, nesting, and raising chicks, so their diet tends to be high in fat.

However, companion macaws do not have the opportunity to forage for their food. That is a natural behavior that comes with them. Lafeber’s bird foods are ideal for the lively macaw, which enjoys tearing apart its meals. These foods come in berry and cake shapes, which encourages more interaction. Pellet-Berries, Avi-Cakes, and Nutri-Berries are popular with macaws.

Where to buy Macaw parrot

Place your order with us or get macaw parrot for sale from us today for cheap and in good health. We do ship and our delivery is safe and guaranteed. We also offer other products which you can get here like ostrich egg for sale, ostrich chicks for sale, emu eggs for sale, emu chicks for sale, emu for sale, cockatoo parrot for sale.

How to buy Macaw parrot online

How to buy macaw parrot or get macaw parrot for sale online has been made easy by us. All you have to do is follow a few steps on this website and place your order. To place your order, click on the product you are interested in and add to cart. After adding to cart, go to view cart and then place your order. Other than getting macaw parrot for sale from us we also partner with an exotic wild animal supplier like tigers for sale, lion cubs for sale, serval cat for sale, canadian lynx for sale, mountain lion for sale, bobcat for sale.


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