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Day old – 1 week old emu chick $ 85.00
2 week old emu chick  $   90.00
3 week old emu chick  $   94.00
4 week old emu chick  $   99.00
5 week old emu chick  $   104.00
6 week old emu chick  $   109.00
7 week old emu chick  $ 114.00
8 week old emu chick  $ 119.00
9 week old emu chick  $ 124.00
10 week old emu chick  $ 129.00
11 week old emu chick  $ 134.00
12 week old emu chick  $ 139.00
3 month old emu chick $ 145.00
Add $20 per month thereafter.

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Are you looking to get emu chicks for sale, order emu chicks for sale or buy emu chicks online, then look no further. We are top suppliers of emu chicks online and we do delivery. Our delivery is safe and secured and also delivered to your door step. We are more interested in a long business relationship which we know will get us more referrals. We try our best to give nothing but the best. When you get emu chicks for sale, order emu chicks online or buy emu chicks online you are sure of the quality and sex. Our emu chicks are sex by DNA. We guarantee the sex of the emu you buy from us as we get the membrane of the egg and send off for sexing.

Sexing Emu 

It is not possible to tell the differences between male and female emu just by looking at them, the advice below will help you sex them.

If hatching eggs, you can save the membrane of the egg to send off for sexing. Make sure the membrane is dry when you send it in; you don’t need to send in the shell. There are websites listed below to show you where to send them.

Vent sexing is one of those things that has to be done properly, lay the emu on it’s back and carefully unfold the cloaca, before day 3 and after day 10. It can be difficult between days 3 and 10 due to the males phallus can often get stuck within the folds around the vent which would make it appear as female. 

If you see your emu about to defecate, by raising the feathers at the back end, have a look at the cloaca opening. The males have a very small phallus on the stomach side of the opening, you may have to look closely to see it. It helps if you have seen a few to know what you are looking for. 

There is no reliable way to sex emu until they reach sexual maturity, unless you sex them by DNA. Some may say that you can tell by the bulls eye pattern on their head, but this observation does not appear to be true, hence has not proved to be a reliable method. Emu become sexually mature at between 18 and 24 months old, usually towards the latter, they may not go in to their first breeding season until around the age of 3. . 

Emu Chicks for sale how we to sex them

To sex chicks and young birds you can send off half a dozen feathers. Usually taken from the second set of feathers of its chest – or a blood sample, which is often done by snipping the end of the wing claw and dabbing the blood on to a card. The subsequent wound can leave birds open to infection though so do be careful; spray immediately afterwards with Colloidal Silver, Terramycin or Iodine. Animal Genetics is the company generally used for DNA sexing in the UK, and likewise in the US, IQ Bird Testing

Other ways to Sex and emu chicks for sale

Once the birds are sexually mature, or they are coming up to  the emu breeding cycle for the first time, you can watch and listen. The females may make a drumming noise, which sounds like a continuous booming bass drum. The drumming sound comes from a pouch along the bottom of the  airways. Mature females can often be apparent in front of the chest area, the female inflates this sack to drum. A females drum can carry for quite a large distance. The males make grunting sounds, and can sound like they are burping, or snorting like pigs. However, before the females begin their drumming they may also make a sound similar to the male’s grunt.

When coming in to breeding season you may spot males building nests, by laying twigs and leaves on the ground. The females may strut around with their heads back and their chests out, but boys can display too. The boys become quite soppy, or they may no longer approach you as they do in summer. Females may become quite feisty leading up to, and entering into emu breeding season. When a female is mature you may be able to see and feel a wobbly sack hanging . This is from where she generates her drumming sound. You need to feel a few different subjects’ sacks to know exactly what you are looking for though.

Where to buy emu chicks

The question of where to buy emu chicks has been answered by us for sometime now. We offer the best quality emu chicks for sale online and we also deliver to your doorstep for your convenience. We have other related products we offer like emu egg for sale, ostrich egg for sale, ostrich chicks for sale, ostrich for sale, months old ostrich for sale.



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