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Cockatoo for sale

Are you looking to get cockatoo for sale, buy cockatoo or order cockatoo online? then look no further as we are top suppliers of cockatoo birds all over the world and we do ship. Our birds are very healthy, and they come with all necessary health papers.  Get cockatoo for sale online today from us and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Cockatoos are distinguished from other parrot species by their dramatic crest feathers, dusty feathers, and different shades of white, pink, gray, and black. Due to their highly social natures and borderline obsessive need to be around people in their lives, pet cockatoos are often called “velcro” birds. The size of cockatoos varies from medium to large.


The cockatoo family Cacatuidae contains 21 species. Cockatoos are native to Australia, Australasia, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, and New Guinea.


Cockatoos require well-made cages to prevent them from escaping and from destroying them. Cockatoos need a steady supply of items to chew and destroy. The owner of a cockatoo should set boundaries from the beginning, as they tend to be more needy than other pet parrots. If a cockatoo is new to the home, it should not be bombarded with attention all the time, but should instead be given toys, enrichment opportunities, and intermittent attention, so that it learns to keep itself entertained when its caretakers can’t give it one-on-one attention. When you get cockatoo for sale from us you get well taken care of birds with good health.


Food for cockatoos should be nutritious, but also include foraging elements. Food should reflect the fun-loving, intelligent, and energetic nature of cockatoos. Cockatoos forage for seeds and nuts all day, as well as coconuts and grain crops. A cockatoo doesn’t thrive on birdseed alone, like all companion parrots. In addition to Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries, Nutri-Berries, and Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets, cockatoos will also enjoy Avi-Cakes. When you place an order to get cockatoo for sale from us, we send food supplies that will last 2 weeks.

Personality and Behavior 

Cockatoos will also enjoy Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries, Nutri-Berries, and Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets.

Speech & Sound

Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries, Nutri-Berries, and Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets will also be enjoyed by cockatoos.


It is known that Moluccan cockatoos may pick at their feathers or pull them out if they do not receive enough mental stimulation. Other diseases and conditions found in cockatoos include psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), fatty liver disease, and obesity if they are fed a high fat diet.

Where to buy Cockatoo for sale

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