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African grey parrot for sale

If you are looking to get African grey parrot for sale, order African grey parrot or buy African grey parrot online, look no further. We sell macaw parrots online and we have been doing this for over 10 years now. We do ship and we also encourage you to come pick your birds if you can.

African gray parrots have the ability to talk and mimic sounds, making them captivating companions. Owners of African grays frequently report that their grays talk in context and seem very sensitive to their people’s emotions. The African gray parrot is not just a top talker — this bird is also known for its extreme intelligence, which gives them the moniker “The Einsteins of the Bird World.”

About African grey parrot

One of the best talking/mimising birds on the planet. The African gray parrot has earned quite a reputation among bird enthusiasts for its talent. Not only does the African gray parrot appeal to bird keepers, but it’s one of the most recognizable species to bird novices as well. With records dating back to biblical times, this parrot is one of the oldest psitticines kept by humans. Its understated beauty and no-nonsense attitude keep it at the top of the popularity list.

In the beginning, the African gray appears to be a dusty gray, almost pigeon-like bird with an orange eye, a bright red tail, and a stunning scalloped pattern.

Habitat and Region of Origin for Macaw parrot for sale

The African gray parrot prefers savannas, coastal mangroves, woodlands, and edges of forest clearings in Western and Central Africa. Despite being referred to as the Congo African grey, this bird actually has a much wider range in Africa, including the southern Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Tanzania. Timneh African grays are found in a small region along the western edge of the Ivory Coast and through southern Guinea. Wild palm nuts, seeds, fruits, and leafy matter make up most of their diet.

How to feed and care for a Macaw Parrot

African grays are often considered the poster bird for parrot intelligence – in addition to amassing a large vocabulary, these birds also demonstrate a knack for understanding the meaning of words and phrases.

The Nutri-Berries by Lafeber Company are the perfect foraging and puzzle toys for African greys. These foraging toys challenge their intelligence. In the shape of a berry, this complete food blends a balance of grains, seeds, and other nutrients. Rather than being a seed, the grains and seeds in Nutri-Berries are molded into berries, which encourages African greys to hold, eat, and even play with them. This mimics how they forage naturally.

It has been found that African greys are particularly sensitive to stress and commotion in their environment, and that they can be put at ease by placing one corner of their cage against a wall rather than in the center.

A deficiency in vitamin-A/beta-carotene is more common in African gray parrots, so they should eat vegetables that are high in beta-carotene, such as cooked sweet potatoes and fresh kale. Especially for grays on poor diets, vitamin-D deficiency is a concern. If an African gray receives a balanced diet, he or she will avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Grays that consume pelleted diets do not require vitamin supplements.


In the opinion of most bird keepers, grey parrots should only be kept by experienced bird enthusiasts. They are complex, highly sensitive, and highly demanding. While they are charming and brilliant, this combination of sensitivity and intelligence can lead to behavioral problems. A sensitive gray can get frustrated by even a small change in routine. They pluck and chew their feathers, among other bad habits, because they are creatures of habit. According to anecdotal evidence, the TAG is better suited to households with a lot of people coming and going. The CAG is better suited to households without a lot of people coming and going.

Even though African grays need a lot of attention, they are not “cuddle bugs. They will tolerate some head scratching and some petting, but they do not appreciate intense physical contact.

Speech and Sound

Among the best talkers in the parrot family, the grey is capable of repeating words and phrases after hearing them once or twice. This bird reaches full talking ability around the age of a year, and most individuals become capable of mimicking much earlier.

Research has shown that grays can not only develop an impressive vocabulary. They can also learn to understand their own language. The most famous CAG, Alex, and his colleague, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, may be the reason for the popularity of this species, and certainly for its high profile. After 30 years of working together at Brandeis University, Dr. Pepperberg tragically died in 2007, as a result of arteriosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”).

As part of Dr. Pepperberg’s three decades of research, Alex learned to recognize and identify objects, colors, shapes, category, and even count objects. Even though Alex was on his way to much more complex thought processes, including the ability to read, his fellow African greys Griffin and Arthur (AKA “Wart”) are continuing their work with Dr Pepperberg to achieve the level that Alex had reached.


There are a variety of diseases that can affect African greys, including feather picking, calcium deficiency, vitamin-A and vitamin-D deficiency, respiratory infections, psittacosis, and psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD).

Where to get African grey parrot for sale

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How to get African grey parrot

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